Cashmere Cat – With Me

Hello! and welcome the year 2014! We are almost 2 weeks into the new year and so far It’s pretty similar to 2013 so far except for probably a bit colder. I’m sure you’ve already broken your New Year’s resolution but that’s okay, so has everybody else. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my short time of existing it’s to always keep your resolutions within the realm of reason. That’s why in 2014 I pledge to listen to good music, eat, and sleep more (probably). Time permitting, I also hope to write a bit more but we will see as the first three will probably take the lion’s share of my time.

My newest obsession in 2014 is the Norwegian electronic producer Cashmere Cat. His latest single ‘With Me’ came out a month ago and I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the last week. I’d like to compare it to Dubstep but I feel like that would cheapen it; mostly because there is only one bass’centric’ breakdown, and the rest are synth.  however I think there are some stylistic similarities. The largest being the balance between grainy lo-fi breaks and the sweeter melody.

What really endears me to this song is the timing. Cashmere Cat is loose and playful with it. At first it might seem like everything is just a bit ‘off,’ but I think the reality is a purposeful experimentation. I think the most obvious and best example of this is right off the bat when he drops the very first crunchy synth riff. When listening closely you can hear the bells start to lag behind. 99% I think that this would come off as a rookie mistake. Cashmere Cat somehow makes it work and makes it work well.

If you want more from this artist be sure to check out his last EP Mirror Maru as well as his guest set on Diplo & Friends BBCR1.

Cashmere Cat – With Me

Cashmere Cat – Mirror Maru EP

Cashmere Cat – Diplo and Friends BBCR1