Mansions on the Moon – Full Moon EP [Free Download]


My new favorite band of the week has got to be Mansions on the Moon. Although to be honest I was unaware of their existence until about a week ago when I stumbled on the fact that Paper Diamonds helped direct the video for their new single. Their Full Moon EP is damn good, but I also enjoyed digging through their back albums. It seems they’ve been operating in one of my musical blind spots because they’ve collaborated with some serious talent as well as their first album being presented (I’m not sure what “presented” means exactly) by Diplo and DJ Benzi.

Their comparable to Washed Out in terms of their sound, the sort of, chill tempo electronic. To be honest they remind me of The Helio Sequence with their strong almost folky vocals but that’s a pretty vague reference.

There’s one song in particular that stuck out to me in an odd/humorous way. Radio is probably my favorite song of the EP both in the aesthetical sense but also because its kind of weird. When I first listened to it I didn’t really catch on to the lyrics, I probably assumed it was about a girl or something standard like that. But after hearing it a couple of times I started picking up the refrain which goes like “just because you hear it on the radio, doesn’t make it beautiful,” which was kind of like “what the fuck.” It’s this really intense emotionally driven sounding song, but there actually just bitching about the shit songs on the radio. I mean I agree with them, it just seems like a weird medium. It’s just ironic to me that there is this really beautiful song with passe lyrics about how pop music sucks. I think the dull irony of it makes me like the song even more. (That is Irony right?)

Oh shit, and its free to download, so enjoy.

Mansions on the Moon – Full Moon EP [Free Download]

Mansions on the Moon – Radio