Action Bronson – “Water Sports”


Action Bronson is a rapper with so much character he might as well be an animated bear. The entire length of “Water Sports” (maybe his career) is not so much a huge joke than a collection of recordings that show a bunch of guys–Bronson, RiFF RaFF, Statik Selektah, et al–joking around. They look like they’re having fun because they are.

“Water Sports” is no exception. Right away, Bronson tail whips into the thick of it with “Shit yo, it’s like I’m always dunking on Dikembe Mutombo,” something so irreverent it could only come from his big body. Harry Fraud’s production flutters with vintage flutes and cymbals, which act as the Hummingbird engine that makes what Bronson does look effortless on this track.

What follows is a series of lines that vaguely run the track of summer activities, sometimes involving water. “420 SC, yes he/Doing fuckin’ endos on the Jetski” a line that makes the jump into connecting title and lyrical content, and explodes a load of asinine alliteration.

Okay, Okay. I know. This isn’t Sage Francis; there’s no poetic undertone of political despiar or a verse about the battered life of a beautiful hooker. One would be hard pressed to get anything of a meaning from a line like “Eleven thousand on the overcoat straight from Nova Scot/Hover on boats, wines with summer notes” but then again, this dude’s just having fun.