Jai Paul – Crush


A good cover can be hard to pull off, always tight-roping the smarmy/douchebag border. Rap songs into acoustic guitar. Backstreet Boys song → acoustic guitar. Most of them follow this pattern. There are a lot of covers out there, but type in ukelele cover in Youtube and prepare to take a hand full of SSRIs. Jai Paul avoids the tongue-in-cheek, self-aware, wink wink nod nod, and instead takes the 90’s track “Crush”–by one hit wonder, Jennifer Paige — and makes this version as much his, as her’s (or whatever fat white guy wrote it for her).

Paul’s hush tone voice is pushed back and forth, overlapping with the distended bassline, then being smothered under it like a pillow over an inmate’s face. Paige makes “Crush” sound flirty, with her enunciated presence clear and upfront, whereas Paul has salt on his tongue, fighting to be picked out from all the percussive layers. Paul’s trick is not switching genre, slowing the tempo, turning it into a dance track, but instead adding and adding until the song is a gorged monster, lying docile enough to see, slipped into an idle food coma.

Torro Torro – Fall Mix ’12 [Free Download]

Torro Torro


What’s up ya’ll. It’s been a bit slow this month as far as posting comes along, but hopefully after the holidays things will get more consistent.

Any ways, I’m just dropping off a little holiday cheer in the form of some brain boiling moombahton. I’ve been going on a total moombahton binge these last couple weeks, which has probably been making my roomates/neighbors contemplate suicide more than once. The main culprit for all this would be the Canadian Producer Torro Torro. This guys makes some top notch stuff and has been edging onto the electronic music scene recently. If you’ve got a bit of time you you’ll want give a listen to his latest Fall 2012 mix, but if you’re a bit strapped for time then check out his mini-mix from the Kissy Sell Out Show on BBC Radio 1xtra from a year ago. I’m fucking in love with this guy so I’d highly recommend you give him the at least the 10 minutes of ear time.

Torro Torro – Fall Mix ’12 [Free Download]

Torro Torro – Kissy Sell Out Show Mini-Mix

Kill The Noise – My World (Torro Torro Remix)

Team Bayside High – Haze.Boogie.Life (Team Bayside High Remix)

Here’s some tune goodness from the Chicago production duo Team Bayside High. Even though their Chicago natives they’re making their presence known in the MKE. They opened up last weekend for Two Fresh at the Miramar, and while I wasn’t there, I heard it was a good show. They also dropped their latest ‘Loudpack EP’ a bit ago off of the Teenage Riot Records. Calling it an ‘EP’ is being a bit generous seeing as it’s only two songs (more of a single if you ask me, but nobody did… so I blog), but it’s damn good and you can grab it for free off of Soundcloud.

Team Bayside High – Haze.Boogie.Life

Team Bayside High – Super Mario

Team Bayside High – Overdrawn [Free Download]

Bon Iver – Woods (Zeds Dead Remix) [Free Download]

Wisco’s own Bon Iver gets the Zeds Dead remix treatment. Supposedly the guys from Zeds Dead remixed this tune awhile ago and just happened to find it recently. It’s a weird concept to just ‘lose’ a song but I guess when your cranking out hits like Zeds Dead it happens.

Bon Iver – Woods (Zeds Dead Remix) [Free Download]

Bassnectar feat. Lupe Fiasco – Vava Voom (Basnectar Remix) [Free Download]

In all honesty I wasn’t a huge fan of Bassnectars last album. It was good, but it was more or less the same as his last two albums. I had expected a lot more from it and it was disappointing to hear no big changes stylistically. That being said, I can’t stop listening to his new remix of Vava Voom. I couldn’t tell you why it’s so much different from his latest stuff. It’s still got that Bassnectar style but the addition of the frantic ‘whistle’ synth and chopped up vocals give it a hectic pace that I’m all about it. You can download it for free over at The Music Ninja.

Bassnectar also dropped a new mix for his European Vacation tour (Fuckin Musicians. Only they would call their work tours “vacations”). I’ve included it below and it’s also free to download.

Bassnectar Feat. Lupe Fiasco – Vava Voom (Bassnectar Remix) [Free Download]

Bassnectar’s European Vacation Mix [Free Download]

The Killabits & Figure – Heavy Metal [Free Download]

Yup, yet another Figure post. It’s unavoidable. That guy does so much shit it’s nearly impossible to keep up. This time he teamed up with the Canadian based duo, The Killabits, whom I did not know dabbled in Moombahton production. I was pleasantly suprised by their moombah remix of Jeuce’s As We Move. 

The good news for Milwaukee is that both of these artists will be dropping by our fair city in the near future. You can check out Crowdnoize MKE for the details.

The Killabits & Figure – Heavy Metal [Free Download]

Jeuce – As We Move (Killabits Remix)

Figure – The Last Dawn [Free Download]

Leave it to Figure to make a nasty dub song out of a Charlie Chaplin speech. I generally stray away from politics but this song hits the spot on a lot of whats been happening recently.

I haven’t posted about figure in 3 weeks so of course there’s like 10 things he’s done since then. Most importantly he released his Destructions Series Vol 1 about a month ago. At about the same time ‘What Do Need?’ got released off of Doctor P’s Circus Records label. He also dropped a massive remix of Kanye West’s Mercy.

Figure – The Last Dawn [Free Download]

Kanye West – Mercy (Figure Remix) [Free Download]

Figure – What Do You Need?

Steve Aoki feat. Blaqstarr & Kay – Control Freak (Dillon Francis Remix)

The Ill Dill has been a busy man. First he dropped Money Makin with A-trak, then he collaborated with Doctor P to make Music is Dead, and he just released his latest remix of Steve Aoki’s Control Freak. All of this in about a month’s span. These are all massive tunes on their own, but line ’em up and you’ve got a KO punch. If you’re a fan of the Dill Francis than it’s been a good summer.

Steve Aoki feat. Blaqstarr & Kay – Control Freak (Dillon Francis Remix)

Dillon Francis & Doctor P – Music is Dead

Dillon Francis & A-Trak – Money Makin’

Flux Pavilion feat. Example – Daydreamer (Dillon Francis Remix)

Cypress Hill X Rusko – Lez Go (MaMMaLs Remix) [Free Download]

A couple of things have happened over this last week. First off Cream City Sounds has gained another contributor. Nathan is a fellow Milwaukean and will be posting sporadically/whenever he gets the chance. His music taste is more indie/rock than mine, so he will help make CCS more diverse in content.

Secondly, Milwaukee’s own Lorn released his new album this week. Ask the Dust is like a musical buzzsaw; full of dark gritty synths and grainy textured layers. Lorn uses crisp drum loops to create song skeletons on which his fleshy ambient sounds and eerie vocals hang. Support Milwaukee music and pick up Ask the Dust; or come check out his CD release party at the Miramar this weekend.

Lastly, one of the guys from the dubstep/electronic duo MaMMals dropped a song into my inbox the other day. For being young these guys are making some real respectable stuff. Some of their remixes could use some fine tuning, but they’re headed in the right direction. Definitely a group to keep your eyes (and ears) on. I’m all about their newest remix/mashup. It’s absolute madness… and I fucking love it. Check it out and Download it for free from their Soundcloud page

Cypress Hill X Rusko – Lez Go (MaMMaLs Remix) [Free Download]

The Brother’s Johnson – Strawberry Letter 23 (MaMMaLs Remix)

Starfucker – Reptilians (MaMMaLs Remix)

MaMMaLs | Website | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Giselle – Silk [Live Video] + Ianburg Remix [Free Download]

This is a very “pretty” song. I was introduced to Giselle via the Ianburg Silk Remix but I felt like the original was worth some praise. Watching Giselle put together such a beautiful song with just a midi and her voice is impressive.  Her lyrics are like poetry and  the whole composition is very striking… The Ianborg remix sounds cooler though, so go ahead and check that out too. You can download the remix for free through Ianborgs Facebook page. It’s a little bit of a bummer that Ianborg doesn’t just let you download the track via Soundcloud, but his remix is pretty damn good. So go ahead and give him the FB like and grab your free track.

Giselle – Silk (Ianborg Remix) [Free Download]

Giselle – Silk (Live at HKRC Sessions)