Jai Paul – Crush


A good cover can be hard to pull off, always tight-roping the smarmy/douchebag border. Rap songs into acoustic guitar. Backstreet Boys song → acoustic guitar. Most of them follow this pattern. There are a lot of covers out there, but type in ukelele cover in Youtube and prepare to take a hand full of SSRIs. Jai Paul avoids the tongue-in-cheek, self-aware, wink wink nod nod, and instead takes the 90’s track “Crush”–by one hit wonder, Jennifer Paige — and makes this version as much his, as her’s (or whatever fat white guy wrote it for her).

Paul’s hush tone voice is pushed back and forth, overlapping with the distended bassline, then being smothered under it like a pillow over an inmate’s face. Paige makes “Crush” sound flirty, with her enunciated presence clear and upfront, whereas Paul has salt on his tongue, fighting to be picked out from all the percussive layers. Paul’s trick is not switching genre, slowing the tempo, turning it into a dance track, but instead adding and adding until the song is a gorged monster, lying docile enough to see, slipped into an idle food coma.

Applecountry – The Panty Dropper Mix Feb 2012

Apple Country is a local DJ who has been in the Milwaukee scene for awhile now. He dropped his new February mix a week ago and its pretty awesome (with a name like The Panty Dropper you know it has to have something going for it). It’s a nice chill mixture of house, ambient, techno and maybe some breakbeat. But enough about what I think, here’s what Applecountry has to say about it:

As Apple Country, I am known for doing Electro and House but I have quite the array of sound that keeps me very diversified. I wanted the Techno community to know that I can lay down a solid mix while trying to get the new kids to see this crossroads in Techno and the BASS sounds that are going on here. Everyone [the younger generation] is all wrapped up in Dubstep and Electro House. There is a good portion of the scene that’s into the full spectrum of exciting new BASS music though, and its interesting that the Techno and BASS worlds have started to come together during this time. You’ll notice several BASS artists in my mix who’ve made some of these more Techy sounding tracks when you may know them for Glitchy sounds or Dubstep. Groove is King and you’ll get your banging stuff, your groovy stuff, and a lot of depth out this. I hope that the newer EDM kids take a minute and really explore how good things can be outside the week in and week out banger parties.

For the tracklist check out Applecountry’s Mix Cloud

Applecountry – The Panty Dropper Feb 2012 Mix

Machine Drum Feat. Melo-X – Let It (edIT Remix)

This is an awesome remix of Machine Drum’s Let It. It’s a great song originally but edIT gives it just a little bit more oomph. Edward Ma is the DJ/Producer under the alias edIT. He is a super talented artist who climbed his way up from the LA underground. If your unfamiliar with edIT, but the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because he is one of the three members of the Los Angelos electro group The Glitch Mob. Also the Let It remix was featured on the NBA 2k12 soundtrack and I’ve heard his song More Lazers used in the sets of multiple DJs. His style is super glitchy with high-pitched creaky synths and grinding bass mixed with ample hip hop samples. If robots talked this is what they’d sound like.

Machine Drum Feat. Melo-X – Let it (edIT Remix)

edIT – More Lazers

Busdriver – Sunshowers (edIT Remix)

Reso – Free EP2

Dubstep artist Reso has recently released his latest EP and It’s “fo free”. It’s definetly a different sound for the him. Almost completely against the grain of his former tracks such as “Lick the Lizard,” where he collaborated with Rusko, and “Beasts in the Basement.” It’s real chill and acid jazzy. Definitely worth a listen, and if you like it all you gotta do is go over to his website and give’em your email address. I actually just did a promotion for LTJ bukem and I can’t help but make the comparison between that old rockstar and Reso’s new Ep. The jazz infusion, the vocals, and piano, paired with an active drum beat in the background. Reso definitely makes it his own but the stylistic influence is clear.

For the free EP head over to his website.

Reso – Schlunk

Apparat – Black Water

Here is a song to wet your musical appetite. This song comes from the German electronic artist Sascha Ring. Somewhat of a dance music veteran he has recently made the switch into IDM and glitch. This song comes off of his latest album “The Devil’s Walk” which was released three days ago. Bon Appétit

Apparat – Black Water

Apparat – Ash/Black Veil