Cream City Sound is mainly a personal Milwaukee Music Blog. However over time the number of contributing writers has grown. As of right now there are 3 contributors including myself. Cream City Sound is a side project of mine and is more of an experiment in music Blogging rather than being strictly formatted. I welcome any suggestions or feedback that you might have. Or if you feel as if you could make valuable contributions to Cream City Sound feel free to contact me. I am a notoriously slow responder so please do not be offended if you don’t get a response immediately. My email Is Arenrun@gmail.com and I look forward to hearing from you.

Here is my original Bio:

My names Aren and I hail from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Milwaukee music scene seems to be budding right now, so I want to take a more active role and contribute what I can. I thrive off of finding new music and so this blog allows me to share my discoveries and opinions. I love all genres of music but electronic is definitely taking the lions share of my attention right now.I’ve always been around Milwaukee music but within the last year I have started becoming heavily involved. I contribute on the Milwaukee Event Blog Crowdnoize and I am always looking to engage with people in the community. The blog is very fluid right now, as I interact with the people of Milwaukee more the focus of this blog changes.

My stomping ground is the east side. On the weekends I’ll most likely be at a show instead of the bars. If there’s a bass show, you can catch me there. My favorite Milwaukee venue is the Turner Hall Ballroom, but the majority of my time out is spent at smaller venues like the Miramar or Shank Hall. The larger venues just don’t have the character that the Turner or the smaller ones possess. I don’t make it out to the clubs on Milwaukee street as much as I probably should, but that’s alright. I really need to check out more of Riverwest I just haven’t had the interest in indie rock. Milwaukee is an awesome place and there is really so much to do.

It’s a fucking jungle out there, hope to see you in the thick of it.

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