The Blow – From the Future


The blow is one of those bands you accidentally downloaded off Kazaa, became fascinated with, listened to late at nights in bed and in long car rides alone, then years later find out that all your friends know about, and they’re as secret as Boca Burgers.

It’s been forever since we’ve heard new stuff by The Blow and the assumption was that they’d slipped into the hiatus oblivion forever. “From the Future” is a plesent September surprise, making every past fan gleek at the synth’s bass heavy bounce paried with Khaela Maricich’s big sisterly voice.

She can still channel the “Hey Boy” angst we got on past albums like when she confesses her existential crisis (“I fear the future/ Or I fear that there won’t be one all”)  then lets us know how it messed with her daily life (“The moon screams in my ear ‘ stay up all night'”), it’s the kind of mental uncertainty all artists go through where  they measure their days left on earth, spend less time sleeping, and waste all this energy on worrying about death when it could have been used to create. The lyrics, while simple, are telling and intimate, like we’re reading from an adult’s diary. It’s easy to see Maricich telling us, in ernest, she’ll never be a pop star, and making herself all the more in the process. Let’s hope she continues to share alone time with us all.

The new self-titled album The Blow is out in October

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