Majical Cloudz – Impersonator


The world goes in cycles, whether it’s bikes, washing machines, decomposition, or water traveling through the atmosphere/topsoil/aquifer/tap, as everything can be traced to have derived somewhere else–if anything can truly derive from one point inside a cycle. Music is no exception. It is a cycle: Influences, Verse/Chorus/Verse/Chorus. Majical Cloudz is fueled by this.

“Turns Turns Turns” is one of the most haunting, genuine songs to come out of 2013. The truncated keys set into Chugging drumbeats and swirls Welsh’s voice into a nihilistic smoke. How inevitable life can be we think. But how calming would it be to be at peace the fatal.

Impersonator is an album of  hymnal song writing with a touch of the future and how from now until that future, we’ll all essentially stay the same. Devon Welsh’s voice is both this chanting warmth and human element to the almost-organic synths of Matthew Otto. These two bring death to the forefront with the voice of someone who’s not so sure there is any divide between living and dying. If anyone will notice in the end. If there is an end.

It would have been easy for the lyrics “Our Fate, it is sealed/At birth we made a deal” (“Childhood’s End”) to come across like the comic book interpretation of a Hot Topic employee, but delivering these lines is less a performance from Welsh, and more like walking in on him as Syri transcribes his pacing diary entries.

The album ends with “Bugs Don’t Buzz”: a reminder that everything dies  “when their time approaches,”  but an end is a means to another beginning. Then “Notebook” closes with Welsh accepting that truth; that even though  “…sooner or later you’ll be dead/I want you to know I got respect”.