Pinback – Proceed To Memory

Pinback released their new single Proceed To Memory several days ago along with a release date for their new album ‘Information Received’ October 16th.

Pinback is one of my favorite bands from back in the day, and I’m using back in the day loosely. After their last album ‘Autumn of the Seraphs (2007) it took them about 4 years to release an EP; and I just don’t have that kind of attention span. Also I’m 23 and 4 years is like a fifth of my life.

Anyways, Pinback has been around a long time and their first official album was their self-titled one back in ’98. Back then they were the epitome of progressive rock. This new song is a lot cleaner and more straightforward than I’m generally used to hearing from them. It’s bit too ‘alt rock’ and not enough ‘prog rock’ for my tastes, but it still has that unique Pinback sound. Of course my opinion is a little biased. One of my favorite songs by them is the 11 minute Grey Machine off of their 2003 album(ish) ‘Offcell.’ I couldn’t find it on souncloud but I recommend you check it out. I’ve also included the official video for their last single as well as a couple of other tunes for your listening pleasure.

Pinback – Proceed To Memory

Pinback – Sherman

Pinback – True North

Pinback – Penelope

Pinback – Fortress (Official Video)


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