Figure – The Last Dawn [Free Download]

Leave it to Figure to make a nasty dub song out of a Charlie Chaplin speech. I generally stray away from politics but this song hits the spot on a lot of whats been happening recently.

I haven’t posted about figure in 3 weeks so of course there’s like 10 things he’s done since then. Most importantly he released his Destructions Series Vol 1 about a month ago. At about the same time ‘What Do Need?’ got released off of Doctor P’s Circus Records label. He also dropped a massive remix of Kanye West’s Mercy.

Figure – The Last Dawn [Free Download]

Kanye West – Mercy (Figure Remix) [Free Download]

Figure – What Do You Need?

Crystal Castles – Plague


Ever wake up to a text from your ex, saying “Yo, I’m back in town, we should hang out” and you totally know what that means, as she’s probably not wanting to just hang out, but like, you know, get your attention, so you’re all, “yeah, that would be chill” acting like you don’t really care, but you’re kind of pumped about the whole thing?

Yeah, me neither. Never happened.

New track from Crystal Castles, “Plague,” is really nothing like that (except that maybe they’re back from a two year hiatus), but it is heavy and dark. It’s Alice Glass screaming from a hallway full of mechanized locust. It’s a dank industrial complex. It’s Crystal Castles.

Bear Hands – Songs from Utopia Volume I EP

Bear Hands newest materiel, the EP Songs from Utopia Volume I, is superb, and full of the same great lyrics and tongue-in-cheek attitude that made their 2010 debut Burning Bush Supper Club so virally infectious that the blog-o-sphere was left with a low white blood cell count.

On “What I’ve Learned” lead singer Dylan Rau questions the warrior and the wars he fights, and hits us with scathing commentary “Made the finest army I’m a working man/
Dropping bombs all over northern Vietnam/Cambodia I got a backup plan/This is what I’ve learn in war from Vietnam”  while “Disaster Shy” ends the short 12-minute EP on a slow note, a beautiful ballad-y song fit to show off Bear Hands’ can make you dance even when they’re being all sweet and sentimental.

If not already introduced to Bear Hands, now is your chance. Not only is their new three-song EP free, but they’re in town this Saturday at the Cactus Club. And while you’re waiting for the show, check out the minimalist/atmospherical video to go along with the EP.

Get the EP here:

Future Rock – One Day EP [Free Download]

Holy cock and balls this EP is good.If you aren’t yet familiar with the Chicago based group, Future Rock, then here is your chance for an introduction. They just released their brand new EP off of the 1320 record label. I have always liked Future Rock, but this new EP blew me away. It’s got a lot more 4×4 house bass then their previous stuff but they make it work well. I would definitely not pass this EP up, especially when its got that free.99 price tag. Pay special attention to the songs Reaching New Heitz, and Midnight Madness. While you’re grabbing Future Rocks new EP ‘One Day’ you should also download their previous album ‘Nights,’ which is free as well.

Future Rock will be coming to Wisconsin on August 25th for the Summer Set Music Festival.

Future Rock – One Day [Free Download]

Future Rock – Nights [Free Download]

Diplo – Express Yourself EP [Free Stream]

Diplo, one of the biggest names in electronic music right now, has made his 6 track EP free to stream. I’m a bit late to the party on this one but this something not to miss. Diplo takes it right to the top. Diplo pushes the moombah boundaries by mixing it with several other genres. This EP is a frenzied party anthem that will rattle your brain. Make sure to pay special attention to the songs Barely Standing, Set it Off, and Express Yourself.

Bewilder – This isn’t Life, it’s Just Stuff EP [Free Download]

If Elliot Smith, Modest Mouse, and Built to Spill had a baby that baby would be Bewilder. If you’re you into that kind of lo-fi folky stuff then give their EP a listen. Usually I only use Soundcloud players but this band likes to keep it low key considering their lack of a SC profile. But since I like this group so much I caved and included their Bandcamp player. In the end it makes it easier for anybody wanting to download their EP. Don’t forget to show them some Facebook love if like what you hear.

Bewilder – BandcampFacebook